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Therapy Laser Treatment

Therapy laser treatment is beneficial in a variety of situations ranging from wound healing to treatment for arthritis.

Laser Surgery

Most surgeries are done using laser technology. This results in less bleeding, less swelling, faster healing and less infection.


This is a tiny device, about the size of a grain of rice, that is inserted under you pet's skin.  Should your pet ever become lost, the person that finds him/her simply takes them to a vet for a quick, painless scan and you are reunited.!

Digital X-Ray

We now offer digital X-ray for both general and dental X-ray needs.

State of the Art Surgery Suite

We are pleased to provide you and your pet a state of the art surgical suite so that you can be confident your pet is receiving the best care and monitoring during their procedure.

Care Credit

Do you need some help financing your bill?  We accept Care Credit.  Click the icon for more information.